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Popcorn is a popular snack as it has relatively few calories and is tasty. In large cities, there are many stalls selling pop corn at a low price, especially near railway stations, however in small towns, there are relatively few places selling popcorn , other than multiplexes where movies are screened. Though there are machines available for making popcorn at home from corn, it is difficult to get the right corn for making popcorn easily. There are also some companies like Red Indian from Sarah Food products pvt ltd which are selling packaged pop corn of 30 g

Though the pop corn from Sarah Food products is fairly tasty and available in a large number of favors like Magic Masala, Pepper salt, it is not always stocked in local stores in Panaji, Goa. It was available a few years ago, however in November and December 2016, some local retailers in Panaji, Goa were not stocking the Red Indian brand of popcorn. Also there is a significant difference of the price of the popcorn in Karnataka and rest of India. On the packaging they have specified that the 30 g popcorn is costing Rs 20 in Karnataka, and Rs 25 for the rest of India, indicating that lower transport costs or incentives are offered for sale in Karnataka

The prices of popcorn from Sarah food products appears to be lower than the prices of the popcorn at multiplexes. However in multiplexes, movie watchers are not allowed to take any food inside, and they are fairly strict about allowing people to take any food items, including popcorn inside. The security at the multiplex will frisk all visitors to check if they are taking any food inside. According to some reports the multiplex chains are making a large part of their profit from supplying food like popcorn to the movie watchers. There are also some companies which are offering popped corn kernels, however many people do not have the time and patience to make the popcorn and these corn kernels are also not easily available.

The composition of the Red Indian brand pop corn, Magic masala is as follows (from packaging) :
  • Popped corn
  • Edible oil
  • Salt (sea and black)
  • Spices and condiments, Onion, garlic
  • Mango powder
  • Sugar
  • Tomato powder
  • Flavor enhancer, 627 , 631
  • Acidity regulator 330, 334
  • Anticaking agent 551
  • Dehydrated herbs
  • Permitted natural color 160C
It also includes flavors which are similar to natural flavors

Nutrition facts for Red Indian Magic Masala popcorn are also provided. 100 g of pop corn will contain 70.76 g of carbobhydrates, 10.33 g of protein and 12.63 g of fat due to the oil which is required for making the pop corn. 100 g of pop corn will also contain 438.03 Kcalories for those who are conscious of their diet and weight. The number of calories for 100 g is similar to the calories for the same weight of biscuits. However the volume of 100 g of popcorn will be at least 3 times the volume of a similar weight of biscuits, so a person can eat popcorn to satisfy his or her hunger and not consume too many calories, as the popcorn is very filling

For example a popular brand of glucose biscuits has 449 Kcalories for 100 g of the biscuit and most people will consume one biscuit packet of 100g in the morning if they have no other food to satiate their hunger. If the popcorn is available , usually 30 g of popcorn will be sufficient to satisfy their hunger in the morning, so they will effectively be consuming far less calories if they consume pop corn instead of any of the biscuit brands available. However the cost of packaged popcorn is far more than glucose biscuits, Rs 25 compared to Rs 10 for the glucose biscuits and the popcorn is not easily available.

Like all food products, the popcorn has a limited shelf life . The manufacturer recommends that the pop corn is consumed within 3 months of the packaging date which is printed at the bottom of the container. The prices are provided for popcorn which was manufactured on 16.1.2015. It is recommended that the popcorn be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. All information is provided for reference only as a social service, and can be deleted on request, if anyone is offended

There are also a number of machines which allow retailers to make fresh popcorn for their customers and also for home use, the price is varying greatly. Microwave ovens can also be used for making popcorn. Smaller popcorn sellers do not use sophisticated machines, due to which some of the corns do not pop. Popcorn is a snack often sold by hawkers in the local trains in Mumbai and by small retailers in areas with a high population density like the railway stations. However in smaller towns, there are many retailers selling baked and friend snacks like patties, samosas, there are relatively few retailers selling popcorn.

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